What’s Happening in the Pool Industry? Exploring Trends and Marketing Strategies in 2023

The pool industry in Victoria is gearing up for a scorching hot summer, and we’re here to help businesses owners capitalise on it! In this month’s blog post, we’ll take an in-depth look at the latest trends shaping the pool industry, the impact of rising temperatures, and some highly effective marketing strategies that will set your business up for success. With summer just a couple of months away, it’s time to take charge of your marketing. At Carter Marketing, we’re your trusted local marketing agency on the Mornington Peninsula. We work closely with many clients within the pool industry, with 10 years’ experience in the industry, and we’ve gathered up some of the most important information to keep you informed. Let’s take a look at some of the latest news.


Temperature Forecast

As we prepare for beach days and balmy summer nights, there’s one thing we can be sure of: it’s going to be hot! Australia’s winter of 2023 was the warmest since official records began in 1910, with average daily temperatures 1.53C above the long-term average. This indicates a particularly warm and dry summer for us Aussies. The bureau of meteorology has predicted that Victoria is very likely to have below-average rainfall over the next three months and unseasonably warm day-time and night-time temperatures. For the pool industry, this means an opportunity to take advantage of increased sales as people invest in their own private pool to cool off in.


Economic Outlook

It’s important to approach this increase in demand with some caution. Whilst hot weather can lead to a spike in pool installations and maintenance, we still need to consider the broader economic landscape. Economic conditions can significantly influence long-term consumer buying decisions. With economic uncertainty looming, pool professionals must be prepared for potential fluctuations in demand, especially after the summer peak. The key is to create a balance between capitalising on immediate opportunities, whilst maintaining a resilient long-term organic marketing strategy with SEO and social media marketing.


SPASA Victoria and SPASA Australia Merger: Strengthening Industry Support

The recent merger of SPASA Victoria with SPASA Australia represents a significant milestone for the pool industry. This union streamlines various aspects of the industry, fostering collaboration and cooperation among professionals. Now, businesses can navigate a unified framework when it comes to awards, expos, contracts, and other industry-related activities. This consolidation not only simplifies logistical aspects but also opens doors to increased support and networking opportunities. This allows pool businesses in Victoria to enhance their presence and reputation within the industry, ultimately leading to improved customer trust and loyalty.


Marketing Strategies of Industry Leaders: Making a Splash in the Market

To stay ahead of the curve in the competitive pool industry, leaders are adopting innovative marketing strategies that set them apart. Here’s a closer look at some of the tactics our top performing clients are using:

Entering SPASA Awards: Participation in industry awards showcases your expertise and highlights the quality of your work, helping you stand out in a crowded market. The 2024 awards are open now, so start planning your photoshoots and submission now.

Capturing Content While the Weather is Good: The summer season provides plenty of opportunity to gather captivating images and content. This content can be used in winter advertising campaigns and award submissions, keeping your brand active even once the weather has cooled down. Often we see pool professionals lacking content during the winter months because they haven’t pre-planned. Follow the industry leaders and get ahead now!

Drone Photography and Video: Harnessing the power of drone technology is becoming increasingly popular for showcasing pool installations and designs from unique and exciting new angles. Not only is it attention-grabbing, but if you don’t have it now you will get left behind.

Networking Events: Building relationships with pool barrier inspectors, maintenance professionals, builders, suppliers and other industry stakeholders can lead to valuable partnerships and referrals. Attend some local networking events to make some connections with those in your industry!

Social Media Presence: Maintaining an active and engaging social media presence is vital for reaching potential customers and staying connected with the community. Share stunning finished pool images, progress pics, helpful tips, and customer testimonials to build trust and engagement. Don’t miss out on reaching new clients by taking advantage of reels as well! Like drone photography, reels are becoming a necessity for leaders in the industry.

Website Updates: Regularly updating and refreshing your website ensures it reflects the latest trends, innovations, and products in the pool industry. Ensure it’s user-friendly and optimised for search engines. A website is the foundation for your digital marketing, so if it’s not up to scratch, it may be time to rebuild!

Staying Informed: Stay on top of the latest trends, innovations, and products within the pool industry to provide the best solutions to your customers. You can do this by signing up to become a SPASA Australia member, as well as through other online avenues, researching on the internet and following key players in the industry on social media.


Email Marketing (eDM): Utilise email campaigns to reach out to potential clients, sharing valuable information, promotions, and updates. The Campaign Monitor Email Marketing Benchmarks report is based on 100 billion emails sent by its global customer base between January and December 2020. It found Australia’s overall email open rate sat at 20.6 per cent, with clickthrough rates at 3.1 per cent and click-to-open rates at 14.8 per cent. These statistics were higher than those recorded for emails received in the US and the UK. This figure demonstrates that email marketing is a highly effective marketing platform for all small businesses in Australia. Put together your “previously quoted” email database and nurture them over time.

SEO and Content Marketing: Investing in long-term marketing strategies such as SEO and social media marketing will help pool businesses to navigate seasonal ups and downs, ensuring a consistent flow of customers throughout the year. Leverage strategic, location-based keywords to optimise your online visibility, ensuring that your business appears in local search results. Regularly create and publish high-quality content related to pool services, trends, maintenance tips FAQs etc. Create as much informative, useful content as you can. You should provide value to your viewers in order to create trust and build recognition in the pool industry. Always remember that content is king, but it takes time to build. Industry leaders have already started to prepare for the downturn in leads after Easter now, so be sure to start now to make sure you have a steady flow during winter 2024 when others don’t.

What’s In-store for 2024?

With a hot summer looming and the pool industry set for a busy few months, it’s vital to harness the latest trends and marketing strategies to tap in to this dynamic and ever-changing market. By embracing innovative techniques, staying informed, and building strong industry relationships, your business can leave a lasting impact on your customers and the community. The key is to stay adaptable, connected, and focused on providing exceptional service. Let’s make this summer (and next winter) a successful one! Visit our contact page to get in touch and learn more about our award winning end-to-end marketing solutions, tailored for pool professionals.